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Thanks for joining Study Communication.Com. Over the years I have received countless requests to lecture, and answer inquires about my work with Fantasy Theme Analysis and how it relates to communication. I have endeavoured to provide as much service as possible and the time has come to present a more comprehensive package for students and educators. The main focus of this site will be to teach a course on Small Group Communication as well as provide many resourses to extend your knowledge of Fantasy Theme analysis.

Small Group Communication

a fantasy theme analysis approach by Ernest G. Bormann.

My colleagues, students, and I have worked for some years with Leadership, management, discussion seminars, short courses and workshops. There is no potion in this course to be taken quickly to give magic results. This is not a training manual you can follow "by the numbers," which will assure that you will become some sort of senior scout able to be firm, decisive, flexible, and sensitive to the needs of others. Rather it is a tool to be used in beginning one's education about the fascinating and complex things that happen when three or more people collect to work on a common problem.